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Test - PL A

1. Induced drag:

2. The main cause of the stall is always:

3. The wing aspect ratio:

4. How the speed system works?

5. When the surface load changes the glide ratio:

6. Lift is:

7. Which of the following pilot inputs increases the angle of attack?

8. In the moment of flying in a sinking currant the angle of attack:

9. Which cloud type may indicate the presence of strong turbulence?

10. Which type of precipitation comes off water only containing clouds at mid-latitudes?

11. Near ground storm demonstrations which are dangerous for air traffic are:

12. The main cause of atmospheric convection is:

13. During summer in Central Europe, in the central part of a significant anticyclone we expect:

14. What ground level weather is usually associated with a permanent area of high pressure over the mainland in winter?

15. What are the other two conditions, besides forces causing air lift, necessary for the creation of a thunderstorm?

16. What does the term „spin” mean?

17. By releasing the speed system the flight speed is:

18. B-stall is performed by:

19. When entering a thermal current:

20. An asymmetric collapse of about 1/2 of the leading edge should be solved by:

21. So called escaping maneuvers include:

22. The difference between UTC and Central European (CET) time is:

23. Direction south is reported by:

24. Time of sunrise and sunset varies:

25. 9 cm in map with 1 : 500 000 scale refers of real distance:

26. When performing comparative orientation it is always more reliable:

27. The flight velocity displayed by GPS is:

28. If the steering line brakes, the correct procedure is:

29. After an asymmetric collapse the correct procedure is:

30. In mid-air collision about 50 to 100 m above the terrain the correct procedure is:

31. When landing in water surface a pilot should steer the glider:

32. Before a landing into still water it is necessary:

33. Your last choice for emergency landing would always be:

34. A pilot must have a valid pilot's license on him:

35. When two light aircrafts are flying on intersecting tracks in free space, the right of way is of the light aircraft flying:

36. Restricted air space (LK R):

37. A proof of liability insurance must be on board during all flights.

38. The aircraft, that is obliged by the rules to give way to another aircraft, must:

39. From a sport aircraft (SLZ) it is forbidden:

40. Upper limit of G class airspace is in:

41. Initial examination includes:

42. A paraglider is the most damaged by:

43. The signal to the rescue helicopter from persons on the ground is done:

44. For the quality of resuscitation, the most crucial is:

45. Choose the true statement about a position of an unconscious afflicted:

46. After applying tourniquet the wound is still bleeding:

47. If it is obvious that the action of rescue helicopter is necessary, in the Czech Republic it is preferably needed to call number:

48. A paraglider in a spin fell nearby. On our approach he lies on his back, unconscious, not breathing, bluish. No clearly visible injury is obvious. We'll call an ambulance and firstly:

49. Chest compression during resuscitation is performed:

50. Choose the true statement about heat loss after an injury: